Closer than you think

Within a hundred kilometre radius from Saimaa Stadiumi, there are eight cities with a total population of nearly half a million people.

Saimaa Stadiumi is easy to access

Saimaa Stadiumi is located close to excellent transport links. Mikkeli is easy to access by train, bus, or car. Train or bus ride from Helsinki to Mikkeli is approximately two hours. From the centre of Mikkeli, Saimaa Stadiumi is easily accessible by bus, taxi or even walking, as the walking distance from Mikkeli Market Square to Stadiumi is 2,5 km.

There is enough parking space in front of Saimaa Stadiumi and in the immediate surroundings for thousands of people at the same time.

Attractive Kalevankangas

Saimaa Stadiumi and the area of Kalevankangas gather hundreds of thousands of visitors each year to watch the league matches of Jukuri, St Michel –horse races, and other sports and entertainment events.